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Item Number: LBJEWL
Price: $10.00


Department Store Jewelry By The Pound

Many of you have been buying our department store jewelry mixes for years and you know
the value and high profit margins it brings to your business. Our normal mix of
jewelry has been gone over by our quality control department and damaged or
incomplete pieces have been removed. The remaining jewelry has been sorted into
lots of 100, 250 or 500 pieces. We have gotten requests from our customers for
unsorted cases of this jewelry direct from the distributor. We have test
marketed our Department Store jewelry in select markets by selling it in
unsorted cases direct from the distributor and charging by the pound. Our
testing has shown this to be the most popular method we've ever offered and the
customers have loved it. We are now able to offer it to our entire customer

We are offering lots in the following sizes: 5 lbs, 25 lbs, 50 lbs and 100 lbs. The
more you buy the lower the price per pound will be. We can't say exactly what
will be included in these lots since we will not be sorting the jewelry. You
will be purchasing it exactly the way it comes in the door to us. Due to our
contractual agreement with the manufacturer, we are not allowed to list the
brand names or store it comes from. We show many pictures above as examples from
previous shipments. The brand names are blacked out in our pictures but the
jewelry you receive will NOT have the brands defaced.

For those of you that have not purchased unsorted jewelry before we want to make
sure you understand that there will be damaged pieces in these lots. Our
experience over the years tells us that, on average, most loads contain about
1/3 good ready to sell jewelry, 1/3 good jewelry that either has damaged cards,
is un-carded, or contains multiple sets on a card and some of the sets are
incomplete, and about 1/3 that is broken, tarnished or otherwise unsuitable for
normal sale. These number will vary from box to box but over time you will find
these numbers to be pretty accurate.

Due to the format we are using to sell this jewelry, these lots will not be covered
under our return policy and all sales are final. Since we will not be counting
the jewelry we send you or even looking at it, we would have no way to know
whether returns were complete or whether it was even our jewelry.

Our prices start at only $6.00 per pound and break down as follows:

1 to 4 lbs - $10.00 per pound
5 to 9 lbs - $9.00 per pound
10 to 24 lbs - $8.50 per pound
25 to 49 lbs - $8.00 per pound
50 to 99 lbs - $7.00 per pound
99 or more - $6.00 per pound

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